Brokerage Services

SHUAA Securities offers clients a complete range of brokerage services for equities listed on ADX and DFM, based on a first-in-class approach and model. We offer various channels for our clients to execute informed and opportune trades, including internet trading, call and trade, access to the team via a Bloomberg Terminal, as well as face-to-face dealing through our offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Cairo.

We value each and every client relationship and ensure that all customers have a dedicated member of our team to support their specific personal needs and aspirations.

Abiding by this central principle from initial planning through to final delivery, while also providing clients with access to the firm’s shared expertise, provides a compelling offering and is a key reason customers choose to partner with us over the long-term.


Nasdaq Dubai Futures

SHUAA Securities is an approved partner to Nasdaq Dubai’s Futures market, enabling clients to trade stock futures on some of the UAE’s leading and most liquid companies.

Through SHUAA Securities’ platform, clients have full access to the Nasdaq Dubai Futures offering, providing an ability to make a profit when the share price of a company falls or rises. This presents a useful hedging tool and allows traders to benefit from volatility in a particular equity, as well as affording opportunities for arbitrage when the futures and underlying stock prices diverge.

The Nasdaq Dubai Futures equity products offered by SHUAA Securities enables its clients to take a position on a larger pool of underlying stock (non-deliverable, but cash settled) by just paying the Initial Margin required for the contract.

Clients of SHUAA Securities can also benefit from recent developments in Nasdaq Dubai’s Futures market, where futures on Saudi stocks are now listed.

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Online Trading

SHUAA Securities’ state-of-the-art online trading platform enables customers to take advantage of our user-friendly, powerful trading services with a multitude of exciting customizable features and tools.

The intuitive browser-based platform has been specifically designed by our team to help clients trade the markets with confidence, while also allowing for seamless integration with the mobile trading app.

Key features include:

·         Immediate access to ADX and DFM markets

·         Customizable screen layouts providing key information

·         Create and edit watch lists for List of top gainers; List of top losers; Top by volume, Top by value and Summary of the markets.

·         One-click dealing to increase the speed with which you trade

·         Portfolio screen displays your entire portfolio of holdings, including Profit & Loss positions at any point in time

·         Browser-based platform, so no download required


Mobile Trading

SHUAA Securities’ custom-built mobile trading application for smartphone and tablet devices, including IOS, provides full and secure access to customers’ trading accounts, whenever and wherever they want. With fast-moving financial markets, our clients have the most powerful mobile trading tools in the industry available at their fingertips, as well as access to exclusive market data and analysis.

Through the mobile app, our clients can:

·         View and execute trades on-the-go with the same functionality as our online trading platform

·         Review recent transactions, Profit & Loss, and real-time balance

·         Use charts to analyze the performance of the markets and identify trends

·         Evaluate their share portfolio on a ‘Share Allocation’ pie chart display

·         Place orders to take advantage of swings in the market

·         Retain full confidence that their investment is safe due to industry-leading security measures


Margin Trading

To augment SHUAA Securities’ already compelling bouquet of offering, we also offer margin trading capabilities and services to our clients. By providing customers with the option to leverage additional investment capital, they are able to benefit from trading flexibility, easier financing options and significantly increased returns from the market.

Risk management is an important component of any margin trading strategy, and we provide guidance and assistance to our clients on balancing risks, costs, and returns, based on the latest market information. In addition, our relationship managers closely monitor clients and, where necessary, follow-up to ensure sound and smooth execution of margin trades.